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Join the iAM Vol 10 Editorial Board

iAM is a multimedia e-magazine published by OCIC that promotes an increased awareness and understanding of global issues. iAM examines how theory and action intersect, looks at how to put reflection into practice, and unites marginalized voices from around the world in the name of global social justice, human dignity and participation for all.

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iAM Volume 10 will be published in March 2019 and will invite submissions of essays, videos, podcasts, music, visual art, infographics and beyond. Working with OCIC’s iAM Coordinator and Communications Coordinator, team members will contribute to the development of our 10th and final issue in the following ways:


  • Helping to attract great submissions
  • Reviewing and helping to select submissions received
  • Liaising with selected contributors throughout the production process
  • Providing input and feedback on the e-Magazine’s layout

Ad Sales and Promotion

  • Developing and implementing an ad sales strategy
  • Developing and implementing a targeted promotion strategy

How you can volunteer?

The team will meet face-to-face or online approximately once a month, in Toronto and/or Ottawa.
Team members can expect to commit approximately 2-3 hours per week towards completing their tasks.
Team members are expected to contribute their best efforts and complete all assigned tasks according to tight deadlines.
Flexibility will be required!

What skills do you need?

Ideal candidates* for the iAM Editorial and Production Team will bring any combination of the following:

  • Experience in/solid knowledge of social justice and cooperation in the current global context
  • Commitment to working within an anti-oppressive framework
  • Previous experience in writing or editorial work including: editorial boards, academic writing, copy editing, art direction (working with layout, design, e-technologies such as online flipbooks), journalism, multimedia art
  • Previous experience in successful marketing, advertising, digital marketing, or public engagement campaigns

*OCIC membership is not required, but members are encouraged to apply

Application Process

Qualified applicants are invited to submit the following documents to Eugenia Ochoa at public.engagement@ocic.on.ca by Monday, September 24 at 10:00AM EST:

  • One page expression of interest, indicating preference for editorial or promotional work
  • Resume
  • Writing sample of no more than 500 words on a global/social justice issue of your choice
  • Links to a recent successful promotional campaign (optional)

As an equity-seeking organization, OCIC encourages applications from individuals that represent the full diversity of communities in Canada, including complexities of intersecting identities such as ability, age, class, gender, race and sexual orientation.