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Walking with all our Relatives: Food systems and Indigenous Protocols of Engagement

OCIC with Tyra Cox and Alison Cox hosted an Indigenous Food Security Blanket Exercise – a powerful inter-active simulation, which includes a walk-through-time approach where learners become the Indigenous people and role play in an intense story of truth. Participants walked away with a deeper understanding of the history between colonial land settlers and the impact settlement had on Indigenous traditional food systems, post-colonial food security, Indigenous health, poverty and land disparity issues.

“Perhaps it was greed and desperation that desecrated our sacred lands and our Mother’s natural resources, but in the end it left us depleted, hungry, and unable to rejuvenate, which at once was deeply spiritual and natural.”  Alison Cox, Indigenous Knowledge Keeper

Facilitators Bios

 Alison Cox was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A 60’s Scoop Survivor, she became immersed passionately in the Elders teachings, traditional oral histories, Indigenous knowledge systems, cultural ceremony, and set out to live a traditional way of life. Her professional portfolio includes a communications broadcast specialist, community social worker, Indigenous teacher consultant, research/writer, healer, artist, musician and educator. She is passionate about the Kairos Blanket Exercise interactive model and has co-developed the model with government, non-profits and education institutions.





Tyra Cox, is Sahtu Dene/Anishinaabe. She is also currently a Program Officer with Canadian Feed The Children, a partner organization for Transformations 2018. Tyra uses her expertise in building relationships by collaborating with Indigenous nations and organizations across Canada to work towards and sustain solutions for Indigenous children, families and communities. Tyra is a compassionate Blanket Exercise Facilitator and has travelled to Guatemala to participate in the Guatemala Kairos Blanket Exercise Youth Exchange. Now she brings her engaging expertise to address the global systemic issues of discrimination, inequity, injustice and poverty of Indigenous peoples with Food Security.


When: February 6th from 2:00PM-4:00PM

Where: Metro Hall Rotunda, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C6. *This venue is inclusive, and accessible.

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