ICN, AQOCI, Spur Change Joint Webinar on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse for SMOs

Event Details

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
English Version: 2:00 – 3:30 PM EST
This webinar will present the policy requirements of Global Affairs Canada for partner organizations to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Webinar Objectives
– Present the requirements of Global Affairs Canada
– Create a space for dialogue between GAC and small and medium sized organizations (SMOs)
– Present a code of conduct outline
– Support small and medium organizations in their institutional efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence.


In May 2018, Minister Bibeau wrote to all active Canadian partners emphasizing the importance of preventing and responding to sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) in international assistance. Global Affairs Canada has outlined its approach, commitments, as well as expectations of partners in the sector.

One of these expectations was for partners to have publicly available Codes of Conduct covering sexual exploitation and abuse that prevents and responds to sexual exploitation and abuse. The requirement has been included in all new financing contracts with GAC since November 2018 and will be effective September 1, 2019.

The Women and Development Committee (CQFD) of the Quebec Council of International Cooperation Organizations (AQOCI) and the SPUR Change program wish to support small and medium-sized organizations to meet this requirement and strengthen their capacities in the prevention and support of victims of sexual violence in the international cooperation sector.

Sherry Hornung, Deputy Director Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse from Global Affairs Canada, will explain the requirements and will be available to answer your questions. Anne Delorme, Program Officer for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality at AQOCI will present a new tooI: A canvas of code of conduct.

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