Engagement Organizing Webinar with Velta Tomsons on Door Knocking and how it can Knock your Metrics out of the Park!

Event Details

Mar 31, 2020

1:00pm EDT

1 hour

*A recording of the webinar will be made available to all those who register. The recording will only be available until May 31, 2020.

The Canadian environmental movement has traditionally had a strong “air campaign.” That is, we have been effective at high-level communications, report-writing, lobbying and social media campaigns. But have we created an echo chamber where we only talk to one another? How do we go from having good ideas to winning and sustaining political power?

To expand and diversify our movement, we must systematically engage with people who do not (yet) identify as environmentalists. In other words, to take your campaign and your organization to the next level, door-knocking and grassroots engagement techniques should be at the heart of your organizing efforts.

Ecology Ottawa is a locally-focused, grassroots, volunteer-led environmental organization that uses engagement organizing as the backbone of their work. In a city of around one million residents, Ecology Ottawa has a supporter base of 100,000, with over 32,000 regularly receiving emails. They have an air campaign, but the pillar of their work is direct engagement through door knocking and events.