Canada & Haiti: Cultivating a Refugee Crisis

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In 2017, nearly half of the refugee claims in Canada made by people who crossed through irregular border crossings between the US-Canada border were made by Haitians. Why were they compelled to go through irregular border crossings? And, why are Haitians who were living in the US for nearly a decade now leaving the US?

Right now, Haitian and Central American immigrants are facing renewed threats against their immigration status both north and south of the US – Canada border. Now, after nearly a decade or more of living legally in the US, nearly 400,000 people primarily from Haiti and Central America are facing deportation as the US Government plans to end the immigration program called the Temporary Protected Status, or TPS.

Join the Caribbean Solidarity Network for a Teach-In on Canada & Haiti: Cultivating a Refugee Crisis, as we discuss how Canada has played a direct role in cultivating Haiti’s instability.

When: Saturday, April 21st, 1pm
Where: New College, University of Toronto, Wilson Hall Room 2053, 40 Willcocks St.

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