CAIDP Annual Conference: “Development Cooperation in the Age of Disruption”

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The Canadian Association of International Development Professional’s annual conference takes place on October 7-8 in Ottawa. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Development Cooperation in the Age of Disruption’.

International development is undergoing a dramatic transition in response to a tidal wave of disruptors affecting how we think about and address the most pressing issues on the way to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The traditional development paradigm is fragmented and increasingly obsolete as donor funding is declining and new forms of development finance are emerging populated by new actors, including non-OECD countries (notably China), philanthropists and social impact investors, and the private sector. New technologies – and particularly digital disruptions – have blurred the borders, engendering new development models and institutional paradigms. International trade and investment have also been disrupted by protectionist responses to strains in the globalization architecture.

In this era of disruption, how is Canada mitigating risks and addressing challenges to our traditional ways in development cooperation? How is the Canadian international development community responding to the new world of multiple development narratives (and distorting information), political, trade and economic disruptions, and the crowding out of inclusiveness? How relevant is aid in its current form for meeting the SDGs and tackling inequalities, fragility, climate change, women’s economic empowerment, and ensuring no one is left behind? Is Canada’s FIAP approach able to effectively meet the complex challenge of disruptive development? Is some additional positive disruption called for from Canadian professionals like us to make a bigger difference?

CAIDP is pleased to present a wide range of speakers, excelling in their fields! Please visit our conference website to learn more, including how to purchase your tickets.

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