Youth Advisory Committee

Position: Youth Advisory Committee

Employer: Good Neighbors Canada

Location: Remote

Deadline: September 17, 2023

Employment Type: Volunteer

Position Level: Entry Level

Salary Range:

Closing Date: September 17, 2023

Full Description

Brief Description:

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), is a volunteer-based leadership program for Canadian youth aged 18 to 30. Our aim is to foster essential leadership, governance, and community engagement skills crucial for success in the nonprofit sustainable development sector, all while supporting the mission of Good Neighbors Canada (GNCA).
We’re seeking approximately 11 enthusiastic Members for our 2023/2024 virtual program. Onboarding will kick off in September 2023, with Members dedicating around 5 hours per week until the program concludes in April 2024. YAC Members will work together to ensure the program’s success. This involves hosting virtual events, workshops, and initiatives to promote, fundraise for, and raise awareness about GNCA’s projects and campaigns. The YAC will also bridge local and global issues to engage the public effectively.

As a Member, you have access to:
● Training:
o Exclusive monthly virtual workshops on topics including volunteer management, good governance and effective fundraising strategies led by Good Neighbors Canada
● Personal & Professional Development:
o Including a Virtual Coffee Chat Program with experienced Good Neighbors Canada professionals
o Possibility to participate in in-person events hosted in collaboration with Good Neighbors Canada where opportunities arise
● Experiential learning projects supporting Good Neighbors Canada:
o Good Neighbors Canada will assign a project for the YAC to complete within a four week cycle

Upon completion of the YAC program in April 2024, members will receive or have access to the following:
● E-certificate & LinkedIn badge to acknowledge successful completion of the program and the skills they have gained through the program
● Opportunity to be selected for a $1,000 scholarship towards their professional development or a voluntary overseas placement at a partner Good Neighbors office
○ The selection will be conducted by Good Neighbors Canada’s management team
○ Only 1 YAC member per cohort will be awarded the scholarship or voluntary overseas placement
● Opportunity to be selected for the Good Neighbors Canada: Youth Leader Award
● Letter of Recommendation from Good Neighbors Canada’s management team
● Opportunities for hiring for YAC members, who meet GNCA’s skillset & requirements, to interview for paid positions
● Network and Alumni access via a private Whatsapp Community

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