Employer: Results Canada

Location: Ontario

Deadline: March 31, 2022

Employment Type: Volunteer

Position Level: Entry Level

Salary Range:

Closing Date: March 31, 2022

Full Description

Brief Description:

Results is an advocacy nonprofit that believes in mobilizing everyday people (our volunteers) to generate the political will to end extreme poverty in low-and middle-income countries. We focus our work on global health, access to quality education and economic opportunities.

We direct our energy and efforts at government decision makers like party leaders, Members of Parliament and senators because they have the power to improve policies and make the monetary investments needed to end extreme poverty. We also raise awareness by writing letters to the editor (LTEs) and op-eds, using social media, fundraising and more.

Oftentimes the first step is putting these issues on the radar — and keeping the pressure on. It might seem like a small step, but it all adds up into impact.

We are looking for Provincial Leaders in Ontario. Provincial leaders are volunteers who help volunteers. Under the direction of their Regional Coordinator, each Provincial Leader is responsible for assisting their assigned groups (3-5 on average) in achieving their goals. This means collaborating closely with Group Leaders, attending the one of your group’s meeting each month, brainstorming with them to find solutions to problems, and much more. To be successful in this position, you need to be organized, a self-starter, natural leader and an independent problem-solver. 

This is a high-commitment volunteer opportunity – you will be volunteering 5-6 hours per week on average and we expect you to commit to volunteering with us for at least 1 year. Please read the detailed role description carefully before applying:

Go to and click on “sign up to volunteer” to get started. Everyone is welcome to join as a group volunteer, but Provincial Leader applicants will be interviewed.

If you’re ready to learn about advocacy, causes and solutions to extreme poverty and committed to taking action every month, join us!

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