Resources: Istanbul Principals

Istanbul Principles: An Overview

LINK/PDFThe Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness are the result of an extensive worldwide consultation process with thousands of civil society organizations (CSOs) undertaken by civil society itself through the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness. The inputs and perspectives gathered were consolidated into a first Synthesis Report and draft Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness in 2010. During the 1st Global Assembly of the Open Forum, September 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey, CSOs from across the globe discussed and debated the draft principles in detail, and finally endorsed the final version, officially known as the Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness and also widely referred to as the Istanbul Principles. These Principles form the foundation for the final International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness, which was finalized and endorsed in June 2011 at the 2nd Global Assembly of the Open Forum in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Istanbul Principles: Iconography

LINK/PDFOCIC is proud to have driven the development of iconography for the Istanbul Principles, in collaboration with the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness and the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC). The Istanbul Principles icons are open-source, and are being used by CSOs worldwide. Download the icons for use in your organizational communications.

Istanbul Principles: Implementation and Advocacy Toolkits

LINK/PDFGuidance documents produced by the Open Forum to support context-specific implementation and advocacy by CSOs worldwide are available here.