Raising Your Standards of Practices in North-South Experiences Workshop

OCIC in collaboration with Gonzalo Duarte of Global x Change hosted a learning workshop and networking event on improving practices in North-South experiences.

This workshop was geared towards those who work in an organization involved in sending volunteers or inters to the global South for service learning, solidarity, research, volun-tourism, or global citizenship purposes.

The workshop created a discussion platform for practitioners and researchers to share best practices in equity and inclusion activities in global North-South experiences. We will also explored the needs of North-South practitioners and researchers, and test the feasibility of forming a wider community of practice.

We invited professionals engaged in international cooperation, development, and education; faith and social justice missions; corporate social responsibility; and, grassroots civic engagement initiatives to discuss methods which raise Standards of Practice and to explore a cross-sectoral networking community.

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When: Wednesday, May 4, 2016



As founder and Executive Director of Compañeros Inc, Gonzalo has facilitated volunteer, internship, research, service learning, solidarity, volun-tourism, corporate social responsibility, and global citizenship, equity and inclusion experiences for 2,700 participants in 100 cross-cultural programs; and, organized 200 education, health, housing, and water projects with 14 public and private partnerships that have benefitted 15,000 people in 8 countries.

Gonzalo was born in Toronto and after participating in Canada World Youth graduated from McMaster (Political Science), Waterloo (Peace & Conflict Studies), and Queen’s (Education) universities. He more recently graduated from Canada’s inaugural Master’s in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Carleton University where his research outlined best practices for sending, intermediary, and host community organizations involved in North-South experiences.

He has published numerous articles, designed multi-media infographics, and facilitated dozens of learning exchange events around North America. A member of the Ontario Council for International Cooperation, Ontario College of Teachers, and Centre for Social Innovation, Gonzalo has 25 years’ experience as an educator, social entrepreneur, and community leadership coordinator with stakeholders in Canada, the United States, and Nicaragua.

For information on Global x Change, click HERE.