Partnership Brokers Training


There is a growing demand worldwide from all sectors for greater competence in scoping and managing the partnering process in non-traditional partnerships and cross-sector collaboration. A partnership broker is a skilled professional who works in an intermediary capacity (either as an independent consultant or most often inside an institution) curating the building of effective and innovative collaboration. Established in 2003, the globally recognised Partnership Brokers Training builds the practical brokering skills and professional practices necessary to address complex challenges in the partnering process at all phases of a partnership’s life cycle.

Partnerships Brokers Association
This course is a skills training and professional development opportunity that included:
• A theoretical framework for partnership brokering and the importance of good brokering in the development of robust, efficient and innovative partnerships
• Brokering skills development in: scoping, resource-mapping, facilitation, interest-based negotiation, relationship-management, reaching agreement and reviewing
• Exploration of common partnership brokering challenges
• Action planning for individual applications of the lessons from the course

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The participant group size is designed to maximize potential for personal attention and individual opportunities for skills building and professional development.

Attendee Profile:
Active partnership practitioners involved in the management and development of multi-stakeholder partnerships, able to demonstrate the following:

  • Educational attainment at higher education level in a related field and/or practical experience that combines analytical capabilities with an aptitude for working with diverse groups;
  • Opportunities for the practical application of partnership brokering skills.

Participants who attend all sessions will be awarded a PBA certificate entitling them to become alumni of the Association and to apply for Level 2 courses.

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