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UTSC’s International Development Conference (IDC) is inviting your organization to our annual two-day conference that will be held on a virtual events platform called PheedLoop on Friday February 12th and Saturday February 13th, 2021. The IDC features panels, workshops, and other events that revolve around topics in the field of International Development. The IDC also offers its participants the opportunity to engage critically with different international development perspectives.

This year’s featured panels are:

Bridging the gaps: Digital Access and Inequalities: This panel examines the inequalities of the digital divide across communities in the world. Due to the unprecedented events of COVID-19 forcing people to stay home, communication has become extremely reliant on technology and the internet. As a result, the panel will discuss the increased economic strains/inequalities brought on by the pandemic as well as seek digital strategies and solutions to resolve the inequalities of digital access.

Food Security: Systems and Change: This panel explores the power dynamics in food systems that contribute to the problem of food insecurity. Although food insecurity has always been a world issue, it has drastically gotten worse during the global pandemic. The combined effect of economic downfall and the increase in poverty has worsened this issue as well. Therefore, this panel will address alternative solutions to food security by understanding structural inequalities and acknowledging environmental and health changes.

The Future of Peri-Urban Settlements in a Post COVID-19 Society: A Glimpse at the Road Ahead: This panel explores the effects of lockdown measures undertaken globally in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 in peri-urban settlements and markets. The focus of this panel is to form discussions around the responsibilities and actions undertaken by governments to ensure safety of those in peri-urban settlements. Additionally, we will look at the progress of peri-urban settlements as well the services and actions needed to improve the conditions in peri-urban and slum settlements.

Power, Oppression, and Resistance: Decolonizing Prevailing Systems of Knowledge Production: This panel is inspired by the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and movements that took place globally, earlier this year. This panel will adopt a critical lens to understand the continuity of white imperialism. Additionally, it will explore the various actions that have been implemented to decolonize hegemonic ways of thinking, and seek to transform systems of knowledge in a revolutionary and anti-oppressive way.

We are inviting you to attend this conference and engage in the many insightful discussions that will unfold. This year we will also have an exhibition hall that will be held on February 11th, 2021 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, where organizations, businesses, student groups can share their initiative and their work aimed towards a group of passionate students and high schools as well as the wider community.

For more info and ticket prices, please visit . All ticket proceeds will be given to Black Lives Matter Canada, Idle No More, and Migrant Rights Network.

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