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iAM Volume 7: The Global Goals - From Promise to Practice

i AM Volume 7. The Global Goals: From Promise to Practice

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It is time for global action. In September 2015, global leaders adopted "Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," which includes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or "Global Goals" aimed at ending global poverty, promoting prosperity and well-being for all, and protecting the planet. Success depends not only on the 193 governments signed on to the Agenda, but also, crucially, on the commitment of civil society, academic institutions, the private sector, and all global citizens to act for change. As an editorial board, we imagined the unstoppable momentum of people inspired by the promise of the Global Goals putting their ideas into practice. We are therefore pleased to present iAM Volume 7 The Global Goals: From Promise to Practice.

In iAM Volume 7, 13 multimedia pieces offer insights into individual, societal and systemic dimensions of change in progress, and that need more attention. In "Bridges of Hope," humanitarians Carlos Barrera and Maria Consuelo Sandoval demonstrate how building simple suspension bridges gives remote communities in Colombia access to aid, education and medical services. In "Understanding Fair Trade," Madison Hopper makes the case that buying fair trade re-prioritizes social and environmental principles in the global value chain. Abeir Liton's passionate contribution "Youth Educate Youth for Human Rights" shows how youth are mobilizing their peers for lasting change.
iAM Volume 7 also shares tools and data that organizations can use to act on the Agenda, and to embrace technology in the process. Shannon Kindornay's "Understanding the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development" explains why civil society organizations should apply the Agenda and measure its impact. In "Cycling Habits," Camila Duarte and John Currie use campus cycling data to envision a path forward for sustainable Canadian cities. Diego Junca's piece "The Rightful Role for Communication" frames storytelling as a way to translate policies for public awareness, which is crucial to their failure or success.
Ultimately, iAM Volume 7 is about incremental changes that have lasting, game-changing impact. We invite you to explore these compelling ideas, scalable actions and transformative movements toward a world with no poverty. 
- Diana Reyes, Editor in Chief

What is iAM?

iAM is a multimedia e-magazine published by OCIC that promotes an increased awareness and understanding of global issues. iAM encourages critical thinking and presents new perspectives from a variety of actors through visual art, music, written articles, photo essays, videos and more. iAM examines how theory and action intersect, looks at how to put reflection into practice, and unites marginalized voices from around the world in the name of global social justice, human dignity and participation for all.  

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