How are you engaging Diaspora for development? Take the Diaspora Engagement Mapping Survey

OCIC supports targeted opportunities for networking by convening Networking Groups on topics of collective interest. OCIC Networking Groups meet on a periodic basis and communicate on listservs to collaborate on mutual interests, share information, and discuss challenges and good practise. OCIC Networking Groups are Chaired or co-Chaired by members of the Council, with support from staff, as needed. To join a Networking Group or to pitch a topic you would like to lead, contact Lisa Swainston at admin[at]

How are you engaging Diaspora for development? Take the Survey:

The OCIC Diaspora Engagement Networking Group is conducting a preliminary survey of OCIC Organizational and Network/Institutional Members and our wider organizational network to discover which diaspora groups may be connected to you in your work, either formally or informally.  Our goal is to potentially connect with some of these partners to participate in activities with the OCIC Diaspora Engagement Networking Group following the Global Citizens Forum from February 2-3, 2017. 
Your answers, including any contact information you submit, will remain confidential. We will be producing a general report on the results of this survey; however you, your organization and your partners will not be publicly identified in any way. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete, and we would ideally like to receive your responses by March 1, 2017.
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“Diaspora: Individuals, communities and groups living in one country while maintaining a sense of identity and engagement with their country or region of origin or heritage.” - Global Affairs Canada

The OCIC Diaspora Engagement Networking Group includes representatives from various international cooperation organizations that want to connect with groups and individuals who identify with a diaspora community in Ontario to explore how diaspora engages in international cooperation. The aim is to better understand and get to know diaspora groups in Ontario (organizations, demographics, areas of work/focus); to create strategies to engage diaspora groups with OCIC members and activities; and to identify opportunities of partnership and collaboration with diaspora groups.

This Diaspora Engagement Networking Group aims to complete a specific set of deliverables by March 2017:

  • Mapping of the Diaspora groups that OCIC members currently work or collaborate with, or know about.
  • Ensure participation of some Diaspora groups in working group discussions, to also have their perspective
  • Invite Diaspora Groups to participate in the OCIC Global Citizens Forum, February 2-3, 2017 in Toronto
  • Present best practices in working and engaging Diaspora Groups in international cooperation efforts at the next Forum 

For more information and to join, please contact Zahra Baptiste at communications[at]

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Past OCIC Networking Groups have included: 

The OCIC Global Experience Networking Group, for members that coordinate international internships and volunteer sending programs. The group met periodically in person, and functioned primarily as a listserv to share resources, methods, challenges and opportunities involved in supporting interns and volunteers in their placements with international partner organizations. For more information, contact Lisa Swainston at admin[at]

The OCIC Safety and Security Issues Networking Group, as a space for members that are responsible for the health and safety of program or project staff, interns or volunteers working overseas. The group helped to facilitate information sharing related to safety and security in the international cooperation context, and to support the capacity building, public engagement and advocacy interests of its members and other stakeholders. For more information, read our TORs and contact Jeff Eames at taratraining[at], and Jakub Nemec at nemec[at]