Advanced Results Based Management, Theory of Change and Deliverology Workshop with Mosaic International

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
An intensive three-day Advanced RBM workshop that takes you beyond the basics of Results Based Management and helps you to master RBM tools for your organization
July 17-19, 2017

This intensive three-day Advanced RBM workshop takes you beyond the basics of Results Based Management and helps you to master RBM tools for your organization linking project level results to your programme and organizational mission and vision. You will learn how to:

• master 5 key RBM tools: 1) the logic model; 2) the Performance Measurement Framework; 3) Risk Register; 4) Theory of Change; and, 5) Results based Reporting;
• breathe life into performance measurement frameworks by building appropriate M&E systems with quantitative and qualitative indicators using appropriate methods;
• demystify & master the theory of change for your initiative;
• understand how Deliverology, the latest British approach to ensuring governments fulfill their commitments, can help you deliver your outcomes;
• grapple with analyzing data and determine how data should be used in your annual work plans;
• prepare results-based reports and roll-up data and your performance stories in meaningful ways.

Case studies will be drawn from participant organizations in the workshop. Various clinics during the workshop enable you to bring your logic models, PMFs, Tof C and Annual Reports for review and advice on how to make them more results-oriented.

Mosaic workshops are known for their hands-on approach where workshop participants roll up their sleeves to apply key concepts to real life situations. If you are in the Advanced RBM workshop, this may consist of working on real life programme or projects to develop logic models and performance measurement frameworks that can be used by workshop participants. If you are in the Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, you will pilot evaluation tools and methods learned in the workshop in a real life evaluation that your team will be undertaking of an Ottawa community based organization. Expect to work with the homeless, vulnerable populations, women or clients of the community based organization.

All workshops offered by Mosaic will test your tenacity, RBM and/or evaluation skills and ability to perform challenging fieldwork that will enrich your learning and replenish your professional toolbox in performance measurement, gender and evaluation in ways that are participatory, inclusive and empowering. Further details and registration at: www.mosaic-net-intl.ca